All natural body moisture cream. Make your skin feel velvety smooth and smell like a snack all from the same jar!


Warm Spring

Exactly what it sounds like! A very light springtime scent of Rose and Strawberry


Moon Stone

Heavier scent (I love it) of Jasmine and Violet. Both attributes of the Moon.



This one is a favorite! It is the Jasmine and Vanilla scented butter smells just like a treat.


Garden Walk

Going through botanical gardens in the summer is one of my favorite pastimes. This scent of rose, violet, and lavender is dedicated to that.


Citrus Day

This is definitely a summertime scent! Something that invigorates and wakes you up. Smells of Tangerine, Lemon, and Oranges...hmmmm



Who doesn't love a good carnival or festival right? Funnel cake, candy, rides, and more funnel cake! This one smells of cotton candy and's very sweet.


Butter Cream

Something about the smell of my grandmothers pound cake in the kitchen sent me down a trip of memory lane. So here we are with a lovely mix of Lemon and Vanilla. Smells delicious, just don't eat it!

Body Butter

  • All Body Butters are made with Joy, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Almond oil (please if you are allergic email me first so we can discuss alternatives for you)


    Please ensure that you keep in a cool and dry place. This is so that the product keeps its integrity and scent and will last you as long as possible!