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RosesHands is a dedication to my beloved Grandmother. Ruth. She was a healer of not just people but the earth as well. And you never met someone who wasn’t touched and blessed by her. This is the result of her cultivating the interest to care for others within her granddaughter (Shadae-the owner) and teaching kindness that would carry through a lifetime. RosesHands is the sum of a grandmothers love, a mothers patience and knowing that it needed to be spread to everyone.

The Mission

To show the world that through evidenced education and holistic means you can heal the body, the womb, the spirit, and the mind. The mission is to spread both knowledge and healing so that one may become whole again.



"I would recommend purchasing the lotion bars. They are very moisturizing especially if you have dry skin. They are also packaged in a convenient size that is perfect for on the go. And the scents are amazing, especially the cucumber!"

-Alexis, Connecticut

"OMG I purchased the lotion bars and it smells so good I could lick myself lol 
I will definitely be purchasing more! I need a full size body butter ❤️ Her service is impeccable. Shop with her ❣️"


"Thanks Shadae! We couldn't have done this without you!"

-Ash (Doula Client) Connecticut

"I’ve experienced two chakra alignments from Shadae. My first time was a quick tune up that I felt immediately! I remember having a toothache prior to her adjustment and after our session I felt no pain. My second time was more in-depth. With each occasion I received a thorough write up of which chakras were blocked and needed the most work. I was given tips and pointers on how to maintain and implement my energy in my day to day life, overall promoting an inner healing that began to shine outwardly. I am forever a fan and loyal customer to roses hands, her thoroughness and accuracy have been major contributors to my spiritual walk! 💕"

-Meeka, Texas


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